Unreached Africa- Areas of impact

Teenage Sponsorship

 Our dedication to teenagers is a call upon our ministry to respond to the challenges that teenagers go through as they face life. We focus on this age group because it is the most important stage of life, yet it receives the least support. This stage is the make or break period in a child’s life and without both financial and emotional support, many are at risk and unless given the necessary support may end up becoming another statistic.

Because of these challenges, many teenagers have ended up in early marriages, and many boys have ended up in lifestyles that have costed them their future and most of them their lives.

The Population Secretariat indicates that of the 1.2 million pregnancies recorded in Uganda annually, 25 per cent of these are teenage pregnancies. More than 300,000 teenagers who get pregnant also account for the bulk of unwanted pregnancies, which end up in unintended births or abortion. As a ministry, we seek to provide every teenage student in our sponsorship program with an opportunity to succeed and grow in the ways of God. The program caters for school tuition, School Uniform, a meal while at school and above all an opportunity to hear the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. Each student is attached to a mentor of his or her choice as role model for emotional, spiritual support and accountability.

The sponsorship program has 32 registered students who are excited about continuing their education. After one student completes his/her education, we give another student the opportunity to come into the program.

Full Sponsorship for one student is $140, the commitment levels are $35, $70, $105 or the full $140. Therefore one student may have a maximum of 4 sponsors helping them financially and building into their lives by praying for them and writing them letters.

Role of sponsor

Sponsors support students for the duration of their time in the programme through financial giving of $35 a month. Through letter writing, sponsors can also become long distance mentors, offering advice to encourage their student. This personal time investment is a key part of the programme as sponsors can have a unique influence. It makes a real impact in a student’s life to know that people so far away care about them and have an interest in their success.

multiple sponsorship

We encourage multiple sponsorship for each of our students. This is communicated to each of our sponsors. High school and college education here in Uganda is very expensive and we realized that some of our sponsors can’t afford the complete tuition of a student so we suggested that we encourage multiple sponsorship to enable the student to acquire the necessary qualifications to get them a job and hence a great future.

Donate towards a motorcycle for a pastor

This Pastor and his wife are so passionate about serving the people of Namalinda life Bible Church as their team leaders.

Getting a motorbike will help him serve better people. With that Moto bike, he will be able to travel with his wife to minister

together which has been one of his biggest challenges and also be able to visit his members

whenever they need him. He has been traveling about 20km to go to church to serve on foot taking

shortcuts in nearby villages. But it has been very difficult for him

At only $1500.00, we can make it happen