Unreached Africa- Areas of impact


The purpose of the project is to help vulnerable women who depend on small-scale farming to generate a little income and sustain their families

Our target group are in dire need to develop themselves, but can’t afford the provision of basic inputs. Generally, mothers in Uganda are the ones responsible for providing for their families. Experience has shown that these hard working women have the potential for innovation to solve their problems if necessary conditions are created. It is against this background that Unreached Africa in a bid to adopt agricultural practices that are environmentally friendly, economically viable and socio-economically compatible is seeking start up funds to improve the quality of life of the selected homes in Nakasongola.

Women selected are requested to choose an agricultural practice of their choice and then trained. These practices may include; modern piggery, goat rearing, cattle keeping, bee keeping and better methods of food production. For purposes of easy management, the beneficiaries are put in family groups of 4 for easy follow up.

Donate towards a motorcycle for a pastor

This Pastor and his wife are so passionate about serving the people of Namalinda life Bible Church as their team leaders.

Getting a motorbike will help him serve better people. With that Moto bike, he will be able to travel with his wife to minister

together which has been one of his biggest challenges and also be able to visit his members

whenever they need him. He has been traveling about 20km to go to church to serve on foot taking

shortcuts in nearby villages. But it has been very difficult for him

At only $1500.00, we can make it happen