Unreached Africa - Founders

Jonathan & Jackie.

Jonathan and Jacqueline Sewava are blessed with 4 beautiful children, Two sets of twins.(Jaiden and Janelle 5, Jairus and Joeller 4).They met while in Compassion International and got into a holy matrimony in 2008.

Jonathan studied theology and his passion is for the people dwelling in the rural areas most especially the pastors. His desire is to see these Pastors nurtured and equipped to reach out to their communities for Christ.

Jacqueline having grown in an absolute poverty stricken family and later witnessing an enormous change in her life, carries a passion that goes out to the vulnerable, impoverished children and teenagers. She currently advocates for the unreached people and her life is fully dedicated to this.

They are both passionate to serve their own people in Unreached Villages of Uganda.

Our Mission

Reaching out and empowering the unreached, releasing them to unleashed their God given potential in their communities and beyond.

Our Vision

A Christian based organization reaching beyond the reached through Community Leadership Development Initiatives.